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Mental Health Apps

I know that for most of us we could spend a little less time on our cell phones. But the truth is that since most of us have our phone with us the majority of the time, it can be a helpful tool.

There are quite a few apps available for download on iPhone or android to help you cope with mental health issues and wellness day to day. These resources can help you learn more about symptoms related to mental illness, stress or even provide ideas for activities to help get you going when you are feeling depressed as well as give you an idea of how to start a crisis plan for when you are feeling really unwell.

Also, they could provide you with guided meditation or relaxation techniques if you are feeling anxiety or panic.

Feel free to try out the apps as listed below and even consider making using them part of your daily wellness routine.

Please keep in mind that these apps do not eliminate the need to see a therapist or take medication but can be an important part of self-help and symptom management.


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